About Me

My name is Omar S. Navarro Leija. I am a 5th year CS Doctoral Candidate at the University Of Pennsylvania advised by Prof. Joseph Devietti.

Research Interests

I am interested in systems programming and Rust. I spend most of my time working with the Linux programming interface and system call APIs (basically, all the things in the highly recommended TLPI book).

I enjoy solving practical, real-world problems and implementing robust software systems. Which doesn't always mesh well with academic interests...

My doctoral research leverages system call interception and deterministic program execution for solving various software problems. For example, in Reproducible Containers we create a container abstraction where all computation is guaranteed to be determinstic. This enables automatic reproducible builds.

See all publications here.

Looking For Job 👁

I wil be graduating Spring/Summer 2022 and planning to transition into industry. I am most interested in engineering or research jobs solving interesting problems with Rust. Feel free to contact me!

My CV can be found here. I can be contacted via the email on my Github Profile.


I am highly interested in computer science education. I have strong opinions about how programming is taught. So I'm doing something about it! I have taught UPenn's CIS198 Rust Programming Fall 2018, Fall 2019, and soon Fall 2021. This course strongly focuses on:

For those interested you can see the previous iteration of the class website. For Fall 2021, I hope to record the lectures and create an online Rust course avaliable to anyone.

Teaching Rust to new students.

Last updated February 22, 2021